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The future of flexo associations and the future of flexo technologies. A virtuous synergy in support of flexo printers

"The meeting about the “future of flexo printing” organized by ATIF, the Italian Technical Flexo Association, with the support of some of its member companies (I&C, Huber Group, Lohmann, NTG Digital, Rossini) and in co-operation with FTA EUROPE, the European Flexo Federation, registered a good success in terms of participation of printers, suppliers, Italian and foreign press delegates. Over 50 people attended and gave good feedback."

FTA Europe, in support of flexo printing, has come into being

On 5 February, the Flexographic Technical Associations of Benelux, France, Britain, Italy and Spain signed an agreement for the establishment of FTA EUROPE, European Federation of Flexographic Associations. Its mission will be pursued through activities and initiatives in three areas: the standardization of the flexo printing process; the definition of a professional European resumé for flexo printing operators; support to member associations in lobbying and in the promotion and dissemination of knowledge in the flexographic field at European level.

FTA Europe formally established as umbrella organization for the European flexo industry

Five European flexo technical associations, EFTA-Benelux, ATF, ATIF, ATEF and EFIA, have formally established FTA Europe as a common umbrella organization for the continent’s flexo industry.

FTA Europe has taken shape through meetings of European flexo industry associations over the last 18 months, initiated by ATIF.

Flexo Day 2014: another great Atif labelled success & Honorary degree to Emilio Gerboni by Swansea University

Over 300 professionals of flexo printing, representing the various parts of the supply chain, participated in the technical in-depth day organized by Atif on November 26th 2014 in Bologna.
“Flexo: nice to meet you” was the title of the 2014 event, which saw also the presence of international speakers and guests, to emphasize the internationalization of association, that its President Sante Conselvan strongly wanted.

European FTAs reach agreement

Another step towards a unified European flexographic association has been made, as five core countries have established the foundations of the FTA Europe.


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