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The importance of ink viscosity and pH control: a Pamarco's podcast

On its website, Pamarco have a podcast focused on GAMA ink viscosity and pH control systems.
During the podcast, Shane Weber and John Bingham of Bingham Flexo Services, GAMA’s Midwest sales and service team, highlighted viscosity, pH and temperature effects flow, printability of ink and 
why it’s so important to maintain the optimum ink viscosity and temperature range.

Flexo Best Practice Toolbox: interview with Mr. Sante Conselvan

"Flexo Best Practice Toolbox was launched in early 2019 in English and digital version, then was translated into Dutch and Italian and, at the behest of ATIF, the paper version has also been available in Italian since late February.
We talk about it with Sante Conselvan, President of FTA Europe and Monica Scorzino, ATIF Director".

GAMA International launched a new viscometer and a new line of special slitting machines

GAMA International has launched a new viscometer specific for the label market, the G39, which allows to operator to control, correct and maintain the levels of viscosity, temperature and pH during the start-up phase.

Furthermore, thanks to the agreement with H7Group, GAMA International has added a complete line of special machines for converting, slitter-rewinders for aluminium, film and paper to its portofolio.

GAMA International introduced its new line of customized slitter rewinders

"GAMA International expanded the range of its products introducing a new line of customized slitter rewinders for aluminium, film, paper and other special machines for converting, such as embossers, spoolers and extractors. The first occasion to show to the public the new solutions should have been InfoFlex in Columbus, Ohio (US).

At InfoFlex GAMA International should have been present on both GAMA America’s and Pamarco’s booths, to show «two lines of solutions: the viscometers and the new slitting-rewinding machines», comments Elisa Conselvan, Marketing Director of GAMA International".

The partnership between I&C-H7Group to conquer new markets

I&C-GAMA Group and H7Group signed up a new commercial agreement to grow on the national and international markets.

With this signature, I&C-GAMA Group expands the range of its products and gives an important role to the customer's choices: every project will be defined together with the clients according to their needs, from the structure of the machine to the choice of cut type. From this point of view, the role of the Product manager is central "for the consultancy and training aspect that this new collaboration intends to offer to customers: a support that goes from the definition of the technological configuration to the identification of the type of machine that best suits customer's needs" said Elisa Conselvan, Marketing Director of GAMA International.


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