Magnetic Ink Filter

code G70-INK-FM9

The filter G70-INK-FM9 was studied for low and medium pressure, is used for filtering ink in various sectors, in the line of paint to the sector prints for roto or flexo.
We installed a magnet with high power of attraction, surrounded by a stainless steel cartridge washable, in the standard version to 20 mesh. The plumbing connections are 1 "F / F NPTF


Ink Filter

code GID-INK-FL8

The filter GID-INK-FL8 has been developed for low and medium pressures, and it is used for the filtering of the ink gravure and flexo  prints process. The top is in black anodized aluminum and the cup in white anodized aluminum with capacity through O ring. Connection 1" F/F with estimated capacity 0,35bar of 95(l/min), with a total area of 115 cm2, and inside there is a washable stainless steel ink-cartridge with a net of 16 mesh.