Prime Packaging Summit 2019 - Dubai, UAE

On Septemper 10th-11th 2019 GAMA International will participate as Silver Sponsor in the Prime Packaging Summit 2019, consisting of the Packaging Awards, Conference and Exhibition which will take place at the Conrad Hotel in Dubai, UAE. The exhibition, organized by the magazine "Packaging MEA", focuses on the latest technology, machines and business tools for the packaging business and on the challenges and opportunities for Brand Owners, Packaging Converters and key suppliers to the industry across the entire packaging value chain.

The Prime Awards 2019 are supported by the FTA Europe, ERA Europe, Dubai Exports and UAE F&B Business Group and other government bodies to recognise and appreciate quality and excellence in packaging from the Middle East and Africa region. «For GAMA International this is an important opportunity to meet Middle East and Africa customers and prospects», comments Sante Conselvan: «We have been attending this conference for a few years and have seen the growth of this event, hand in hand with the market growth of the area».

Mr Conselvan, Head of Jury of the Awards, has also been interviewed as President of FTA Europe and he declared:

«Packaging is a phenomenon that dramatically grew over the last 20 years. It is already part of our lives: it changes as we change our way of living and it adapts to the different necessities depending on the age and culture of worldwide consumers. Circular Economy is inspiring us to modify our approach towards the package of any product after we use it. This means that Brand Owners, Designers, Printers, Converters and Consumers must work together to create the best packaging without harming the environment. The Packaging Print community, using different process technologies, needs more effective guidelines and deeper knowledge than in the past to look to future changes as concerns Automation. As FTA Europe, we are glad to be associated with “Packaging MEA” and PRIME Summit 2019 to extend our support and knowledge helping to lay the foundations for establishing a MEA Packaging Association».

Download the brochure of the event.