I&C is Gold Sponsor at FlexoDay & BestInFlexo 2019 - November 21st-22nd, Bologna


I&C, partner of GAMA International, will be a Gold Sponsor of the FlexoDay and BestinFlexo 2019, which will be held on November 21st - 22nd in Bologna, at the Savoia Hotel Regency. The event is organized by ATIF , the Italian Technical Association for Flexography, in collaboration with FTA Europe, and it is dedicated to the latest trends in the flexographic market.

Discover more on ATIF's website.

Attached you find the program of the event.

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Image Gallery: 
FlexoDay 2019, I&C desk
FlexoDay 2019, ATIF
FlexoDay 2019, BestStudentInFlexo, Matilde Annoni, Sante Conselvan, Gold Sponsor
FlexoDay 2019, BestStudentInFlexo, Matilde Annoni, I&C
FlexoDay 2019, BestStudentInFlexo
FlexoDay 2019, Savoia Hotel conference hall
FlexoDay 2019, Marco Gambardella, Mark Sheperd, Sante Conselvan
FlexoDay 2019, I&C desk, Sergio Puoti, Matteo Cogliati, Giulia Bettega
FlexoDay 2019, I&C desk, G70 filter, viscometer G29
FlexoDay 2019, I&C desk
FlexoDay 2019, I&C desk, GAMA range of product, CAMIS, viscometers
FlexoDay 2019, I&C team, Giuseppe D'Alterio, Giulia Bettega, Matteo Cogliati and Elisa Conselvan
Elisa Conselvan, BestInFlexo award