Welcome to Absolute Flexo Future 2014 - ”World Class”

Our prestigious Scandinavian meeting for flexographic printers and the packaging industry, arranged by SweFlex and Dansk Flexo Forum, will take place at Scandic Star Hotel, Lund, on March 27th 2014.

Knowing that the industry will face challenging times ahead, we this time decided to focus on how you can become more competitive by increasing productivity, quality and in addition get more motivated staff. A seminar well suited for all employees in your company, including the top management group. Considering the future, the seminar this year will aim for World Class and how your company can be ”the best in the world”!

The seminar participants will, on site at Tetra Pak, study the successful program “World Class Manufacturing” not only in theory but actually seeing the whole program running. This visit will take place before lunchtime. Coming back to the hotel you will have the possibility to thoroughly study the Table Top Exhibition.

After lunch Søren Maarssø, Director from Tresu, will present the challenges of being an innovative supplier to one of the most demanding customer in the printing industry.

Claudio Marconi, Head of Business Navigation for Global Logistics from the successful Swedish company IKEA, will explain the importance behind how to distribute their products all over the world.
From one of Scandinavia’s largest food suppliers, Orkla Foods Sweden, Mats Thuresson, Packaging Development Manager, and Mårten Rennemark, Purchasing Manager, will speak about their demands on the packaging industry.
The packaging industry is often blamed for all packaging waste. Anita Winsnes from Nordic Ecolabelling Norway will inform how to ensure that packages are produced in the most environmentally friendly way.
The day will end with thoughts about the impact caused by our continued use of the Earth´s resources. Jørgen Steen Nielsen, former editor-in-chief at the Danish daily newspaper "Information", author of the book "The Great Transition", and winner of the most prestigious Danish journalist award, the Cavling prize, will give his ideas around “The Great tTansition”.

Please make sure you make your reservation as soon as possible for “World Class” and get inspiration for your successful future!

Welcome to Lund, Sweden, on March 26th and 27th 2014.

SweFlex and Dansk Flexo Forum

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GAMA, I&C, booth, viscometer, Sante-Conselvan
GAMA, I&C, booth, viscometer, Sante-Conselvan
GAMA, I&C, booth, viscometer, Sante-Conselvan