COVID-19 survey: printers' and suppliers' stories

"FTA Europe's member associations, printers and suppliers shared similar stories. Those in the printed packaging value chain had consistent or increased demand at the height of the crisis; those reliant on the custom of closed businesses struggled.
Maintaining morale amongst staff was a top priority during the height of the crisis".

Crisis and opportunity: FTA Europe's COVID-19 Survey

"Under pressure. Strong. Creative. This is how our resilient flexo community during the COVID-19 crisis has been described.
FTA Europe conducted a survey amongst its members and network to find out how the pandemic has impacted flexo".

FTA Europe has launched new technical projects on ISO standards, test forms and the FTA Europe Best Practice Toolbox

FTA Europe's Technical Committee has launched three new projects to advance the flexo printing industry.
The first will analyse ISO standards and their use by flexo printers, the second will define a test form that can easily verify the capabilities of a flexo press. The third will focus on the next steps of the FTA Europe Flexo Best Practice Toolbox.

The importance of ink viscosity and pH control: a Pamarco's podcast

On its website, Pamarco have a podcast focused on GAMA ink viscosity and pH control systems.
During the podcast, Shane Weber and John Bingham of Bingham Flexo Services, GAMA’s Midwest sales and service team, highlighted viscosity, pH and temperature effects flow, printability of ink and 
why it’s so important to maintain the optimum ink viscosity and temperature range.

Online Workshop for PackAlliance partners - 18th June 2020

Mr. Sante Conselvan, FTA Europe's President, will attend the online and free workshop of "PackAlliance: European alliance for innovation training & collaboration towards future packaging", on 18th June 2020, at 10 a.m., and his presentation will be about new materials and ecological design.
The purpose of this project is to connect Academy and Industry and to deal with training issues in the Circular Economy.


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